Family ties highlight flying start to 2020

Mac Tools franchise

Some of the latest franchisees who have made a racing start in their new businesses

The year is off to a high octane start at Mac Tools with training days for new franchisees completely full up in the first two months of 2020 – and a father and son theme emerging in the group of new starters.

The new crop of Mac Men include Andrew Hitch taking over the day-to-day operations from his father Dave in Lincolnshire, and Scott Reid starting up in Chipping Sodbury – where he’ll vie for sales bragging rights with dad Steve, who continues to run a neighbouring franchise.

We’re hoping there won’t be too many family feuds as the year continues!

Others joining the Mac network already this year include former football CEO Jamie Roberts and ex-franchisee and independent tool dealer, Tony Kendrew.

All in the family

Andrew Hitch

Andrew, a former technician, leapt at the chance to become the face of the business after his dad Dave decided to step back into a more administrative role.

Andrew said: “I said I wanted the business straight away. I’ve always known and loved the Mac brand. I believe in the tools, they’re the best on the market and they’re unbeatable at the price point. So I wanted to go for it.”

That passion and ambition is clear from his early results since taking over in the new year, resulting in a very proud father.

“His figures are proof of the pudding,” says Dave. “Andrew is fresh off his training, he follows the Mac model exactly, and it’s showing in his results. He’s already stepped it up from where I was. We set him a target for February to achieve what I’d done last year in terms of sales, and he smashed it.

“I’m really proud of how much he’s knocking it out the park. It was a great career move for him.”

Tony meanwhile is an expert in the tools arena after 10 years running a different tools franchise, followed by a couple of years as an independent dealer.

Tony Kendrew

He said: “Mac treat you with respect. The tools are good, they’re priced well and the guys in the garages love them. I’ve got competition in my area but it doesn’t bother me at all, I know how good Mac’s stuff is and I know I can sell it well. The start has been great.

“Being independent was a lot harder than I thought it was going to be, because there’s no brand behind you. People recognise the Mac brand and it’s just... nice! Cold calling as an independent doesn’t go down so well, but when you turn up in a Mac van the doors are already open.”

Not to be outdone on the family front, Tony’s got some help in the business and is happy to have support from his wife behind the scenes. "It fits with our family life really well,” he says.

Mac Tools franchise manager Lesley Cobb said: “We always talk about the Mac family because that’s how we run the network, with real passion and compassion. So to have so many family ties coming in at once has been exciting for us all at head office. Let’s see which generation does best!”

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