Sizzling summer for Mac Tools as six new vans hit the road

Petros Lambri has made a flying start

In keeping with the weather it’s been a hot summer here at Mac Tools, with six newcomers hitting the road with their new business in June and July.

Highlighting the sextet is experienced franchisee Petros Lambri, who has made a flying start in Enfield and Tottenham. He’s benefited from years of experience and strong existing relationships with local mechanics to achieve outstanding sales in his first month.

Petros said: “I’ve been a franchisee for 13 years, so for me it’s been good to come into Mac Tools and get off to a strong start. The support they give us and how they run things, giving franchisees what they need, is great – it takes away a lot of stress. They make it as easy as possible for us to get on with running our business.

“Before franchising I was a car mechanic and always in the motor industry, but with an eye on having a family, I wanted to earn more than I could as a mechanic. I’ve now got three kids, my own house and a nice lifestyle. Franchising’s been good to me.

“My plans are to keep growing, move to a nicer house and go on nice holidays! My Mac franchise takes some of the strain out of being able to do that and lets us live the life we want to live as a family. It’s not easy when you get started of course, but already within my first month I’m achieving great sales and there’s plenty of room for me to grow from here. It’s been a flying start.”

Petros has been joined by Steve Moore in Bodmin, Kevin Cullen in South Glasgow, Mark Poxon in Loughborough, Roger Parker in Gloucester and Luke Poole in Grantham as the Mac Tools network continues to flourish.

Mac Tools Franchise Operations and Recruitment Manager, Lesley Cobb, said: “We’re delighted to be helping more and more people make the move into self-employment. Whether you’ve got previous experience like Petros, or you’re starting up for yourself for the first time like the other guys, it’s a big step and one we understand well. That’s why we’re so passionate about providing the right environment for our franchisees to thrive.

“It’s been a great summer and our network continues to expand but we never lose sight of the importance of working closely together and supporting each other, that’s what makes Mac so special.”

More new franchisees are already in the pipeline as we head towards 200 franchisees operating across the UK and Ireland.

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