The lifestyle & rewards of a Mac Tools franchisee

The Mac Tools franchise is an exciting opportunity for you to enjoy work and be the master of your own destiny. A van franchise is different to other franchise options in the sense that being out on the road is a definitive lifestyle.

We encourage and support our franchisees to be successful, although ultimate success will depend on your attitude and drive to develop your business.

Our Tool Fairs, which we hold twice a year, are fantastic opportunities for you to boost your business and knowledge as you have the chance to buy stock on killer deals and learn about our latest products.

Once a year, we hold our prestigious awards evening where we recognise our best performing franchisees. As we celebrate success we are extremely pleased to reward all the growth, dedication and amazing performances. In the case of our top performers, we reward them with once in a lifetime experiences.

My family and I have been rewarded by Mac Tools with trips to America for the last seven years, meaning that we have been able to see a lot more of the world than we would have done otherwise. These rewards are brilliant and definitely offer a great incentive to be part of the Mac Tools franchise network.

Matt Richmond

Mac Tools Birmingham